About Us

logo-ruffroofersIt’s all about our people!
Ruff Roofers employees share a philosophy of always going the extra mile to deliver on our promise of doing more. Our people and the performance they deliver are the reason why our clients choose to work with us again and again.

aboutusFrom project managers to clean-up crews, every employee plays a vital role in the overall coordination of your project. While many specialty contractors rely on sub contractors, we don’t. With virtually no exception, everyone you see on your project works for Ruff Roofers and is directly accountable to Ruff Roofers. You can be sure that quality workmanship, attention to detail, aesthetics and maximized efficiency balanced with safety are the focus on every one of your projects.

Employee commitment to doing the job right the first time is how we’ve built a reputation for quality and responsiveness – a responsiveness that’s unmatched by our competitors which is how we build quality relationships with our industry’s most sophisticated clients. Simply stated, we do more!

Doing more is what has made Ruff Roofers one the most trusted and versatile roofing contractors in Maryland. More to distinguish our work as the product of dedicated craftsmen. More to answer the diverse and expanding needs of the luxury home market. The end result is that you enjoy the convenience of a single source to meet your needs and the security of knowing that the industry’s leader is accountable for the performance, and appearance, of its professionally installed waterproofing elements.

We’ve been in business since 1939 at the same location with the same telephone number and the same owners. We will be here when you need us!

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We carry full liability and worker’s compensation insurance. This is very important for you, because if a contractor does not have his own insurance, you are liable while he is on your project. We will make every effort to meet any unique situations or requests to ensure you are happy with your new roofing system.