Having to replace your entire front roof, especially a slate roof, is not something anyone wants to do. However, given I am in a neighborhood where the roof’s expected life had come due; I performed the normal due diligence. I contacted 3 roofing companies and received 3 separate estimates. What made Ruff Roofers estimate stand out was the fact that Kevin Urbanski had also added inspected my garage roof in the interior of the house and showed the cost of the garage roof replacement on his estimate. I had not requested any of the companies provide this information, but I realized that replacing that roof was also necessary. The fact that Kevin took additional time to inspect the front, back and the garage roof, helped make my decision quite easy. During the process, Kevin and his team worked with me and my time schedule. I needed the garage roof completed quickly; it was apparent there was extensive damage and leaks in the roof and Kevin was able to have his team split the work at my house so that the garage roof replacement could be completed prior to the replacement of my front roof. Also, I have a metal awning on my house and Kevin worked with me to find a company that would have been able to remove the awning. Ultimately, I did not have to remove the awning but I am incredibly appreciative of the time Kevin took to help me with this additional dilemma!

The roof looks awesome. I did not replace it with real slate but the product that Ruff Roofers utilizes has the appearance of real slate. I have had neighbors, who have just replaced their roofs using another company; compliment me on how beautiful my roof looks! I think my neighbors who used other roofing companies have “roof envy”! They love my roof, so thank you!! I take that as a huge compliment.

I have and will continue to recommend Ruff Roofers to anyone who asks. Their attention to detail; their attention to their customer and the excellent work product they create makes them the right choice for roof replacement

Ms. Barr

Baltimore, Maryland