Scott – Your gutter crew did a terrific job today and just in time for the rain this afternoon and tomorrow. Please convey to your boss and the owners of your company how satisfied we are with the work that was done today and recently for our whole roof replacement. The work was done professionally and promptly with little disturbance. Having something of a larger scale done before our baby comes, allows us to focus on all that being parents has to offer and at the same time, gives us piece of mind that the roof will be ready for any weather and be trouble-free for years to come. We have a professional contractor/home re-modeler across the street from us and will certainly recommend you to him for his clients and will not hesitate to introduce Ruff Roofers to our family and friends should they need roofing or a gutter system.

It has been nothing but a pleasure working with you. You should certainly be commended by your bosses for providing us with service and information beyond expectation.

Thanks so much for everything!

The Caulfields

Bethesda, Maryland